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Good Memories

...And Nightmares

Mello Fans
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A community for all fans of Mello from Death Note :D
Hello, and welcome to mello_fans! This community is to unite Mello fans on livejournal! You can post anything you want here -icons, fanfics, questions- as long as it's Mello related ;)
This is still a new community, so please check back for more information coming soon!


1. Please do not bash Mello. Critism of his character is alright, but do not literally bash him like he's the worst character in Death Note.


OK POST: I wish Mello wasn't so hotheaded. He should put more time into thinking out his plans. (aka explain your critism of him)
BAD BAD POST: Ew Mello looks like a girl why the hell do you guys like him?

2. Do not start fights with other members on your views of Mello (E.G pairings).

3. If you are posting icons of Mello, DO NOT LOCK THE ENTRY D:. It's ok if you put a warning at the bottom saying "Locking the entry after [...] days."

4. If you're writing a fanfic, please use this format:

Author's Note [A/N]:
Word Count: (here's a tool you can use to count the words)

Put a WARNING in the author's note if the fic contains strong language or a lemon :x.

5. Use an LJ cut for fanfiction and images that are larger than 500x500


If you have any questions, PM reikanobutushi :D.


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